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The mission of Wild Rivers Land Trust (WRLT) is to protect the natural treasures and working lands on Oregon’s Wild Rivers Coast in perpetuity. Partnering with landowners, the trust uses non-regulatory, free-market tools to safeguard the South Coast’s rural way of life.

Wild Rivers Coast Alliance has awarded grants to WRLT for four consecutive years, providing the trust with a significant portion of the necessary resources to expand its service area and increase staffing. WRLT has increased its staff from a volunteer Executive Director to two full-time and one 3/4 time paid staff members. With thoughtful guidance from the Land Trust Alliance, Coalition of Oregon Land Trusts, and dedicated local board members, WRLT now has the strategic direction to carry out its mission.

In 2015, WRLT hosted its inaugural fundraiser at Bandon Dunes Golf Resort and has secured additional capacity and project funds from Meyer Memorial Trust, Land Trust Alliance, Wild Salmon Center, South Coast Watershed Council, U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, Craft3, and the Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board.

A continued focus for WRLT is the Summit-to-Sea Stacks initiative in Elk River watershed. In coordination with South Coast Watersheds, WRLT was awarded a Strategic Action Plan grant from the Wild Salmon Center that will provide technical assistance to help develop and prioritize future projects in Elk River watershed. This is a Coho-recovery pilot project that will create a template for 28 other Oregon coastal watersheds.

WRLT offers land trust services to South Coast communities to protect and preserve the open spaces that make our region unique. In 2014 private landowner, Camp Myrtlewood, donated a conservation easement to WRLT, making it the first the trust will oversee.  The conservation work is driven by the belief that stunning scenery, clear waters, and thriving fisheries can successfully co-exist with productive ranchlands and forestlands. WRLT’s work supports vital rural communities for current and future generations.

2014 JUL 28: The Elk River Salmon Emphasis Area outside of Port Orford, OR.