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Matt Swanson
South Coast Watershed Council Interim Coordinator, Senior Project Manager, Curry Watersheds Partnership

Matt was born and raised in northern Indiana and attended Indiana University, Bloomington, where he graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science and Public Management. In 1996 Matt moved to Oregon to work for the Bureau of Land Management, and later, the Natural Resources Conservation Service. In 1997 he formed Swanson Ecological Services, LLC, to compete for natural resource assessment contracts. One such contract brought him to Curry County in 1998, where he decided to settle, and grow the business into a versatile consulting company specializing in natural resource assessment and monitoring; grant writing; and project development, design, permitting, and management. His clients have included the Curry Soil and Water Conservation District, the South Coast and the Lower Rogue watershed councils, federal and state agencies, timber companies, and private landowners. Matt currently contracts with the Curry Watershed Partnership to provide project management and coordination for the South Coast Watershed Council.

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