Scenic Bikeway

Oregon has the only Scenic Bikeways program in the nation, featuring routes that have been suggested, reviewed, ridden, and adopted by locals. Advocates of the Wild Rivers Scenic Bikeway have championed a plan for the Oregon Coast’s first Designated Scenic Bikeway route.

The 61-mile-long Wild Rivers Coast Bikeway starts at Battle Rock Park and passes through […]

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Wild Rivers Coast Regional Tourism Development

Throughout the past two years, the Wild Rivers Coast tourism committee has been working with Travel Oregon on destination development that will increase regional economic expansion through tourism. The region’s desire to raise the regional profile has spurred collaboration between Travel Oregon and Wild Rivers Coast Alliance to co-fund part-time capacity to continue building a […]

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Valley Flora

Valley Flora: Langlois, Ore.
A narrow two-lane road traveling alongside Floras Creek, enters into the heart of the Wild Rivers Coast.

Driving, cycling or walking a one and a half mile stretch from the South Coastal State Highway 101, this road divides the sun-kissed hills of red and orange brush, and opens to the Farmstand of proprietress […]

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